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8 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on August 16th

Best Free iPhone Apps

Another day, another great roundup of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. Yesterday’s list had a bunch of solid apps and several of them are still free, so feel free to go back and download them if you missed it. We’ve got eight fresh freebies for you to look through on Thursday though, and you’ll find them all listed below.

This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be charged by Apple. Subscribe to our feed to be notified as soon as these posts are published, and you’ll avoid missing the sales we cover.

Thundergut’s Revenge

Normally $0.99.

You’ve completed your training and defeated Mac Thundergut – but he’s returned with an army and abducted your mentor!

Fight the Bird Clan of the mountains, The Forest Folk of… the forest, and Mac’s army of the Frozen North.

Choose your ninja and grab your arrows. It’s time to put an end to Thundergut’s Revenge!

Download Thundergut’s Revenge

btw – puzzle maze

Normally $0.99.

Engaing, innovative, minimal puzzle game with dozens of levels.

The aim is simple: you need to move through the field and pickup all the circles. The problem is they are visible only on one of two colors – that’s why you should use toggles to switch the light.

*** How to play ***

The design is simple and there are different levels. A color line will enter in the field made of squares. The user needs to drag the line to collect the circles appear in that field. After collecting all the circles you need to exit from the field. After that, you will be on next level. You can also shift the line backward side. Gather all the circles and pass on next level.

*** Features ***
• 88 unique levels
• Easy to play to refresh mind
• No target based labyrinth game
• Simple & user-friendly design
• You can mute sound & music in the setting option
• Labyrinth game with lots of different levels
• Relaxing sound and music

Play btw and become great witness in the route game.

Download btw – puzzle maze

Drop Flip

Normally $2.99

Drop Flip is a delightful game chock-full of silly physics contraptions! Move, flip and manipulate obstacles of every shape and size as you accomplish the not-so-simple task of dropping a ball into a bucket.

– 128 crazy fun levels ranging from easy to near-impossible
– Complex gameplay wrapped in colorful, minimalistic visuals
– Joyful music with catchy sound effects
– Game Center leaderboards and achievements
– Attempt to get a “Ball-in-One” or “Ball-in-Two”
– Synchronize progress across devices via iCloud
– Made for absolutely everyone!

Please note – there are both physics-based and timing-based puzzles, and everything in between! This is part of the design. Rest assured, every level is 100% solvable – and quite fun!

Download Drop Flip

Archivist Live Music

Normally $3.99.

Instantly listen to 75,000 live concerts! Reviewers say: “worth every penny,” “best app purchase all year for me”, “the best thing since sliced bread.”

– Discover new music from more than 3,500 artists
– More than 75,000 concerts
– Automatically suggests bands you listen to
– Read concert reviews
– Supports multitasking on iOS 4: listen in the background
– Rewind, fast forward, and seek through songs
– Shuffle and repeat
– Display cover art when available
– AirPlay support – play music through your Apple TV or Airport Express

Archivist makes it easy to listen to live concert recordings from the Live Music Archive (

It searches your music library to suggest artists you like with shows available. Install it and you’ll be streaming a concert from one of your favorite bands in seconds!

Search or browse through more than 3,500 artists in the music archive’s collection, including great musicians like Jack Johnson, Ryan Adams, Matisyahu, John Mayer and Elliott Smith, as well as favorites like the Grateful Dead, Umphries McGee, The Disco Biscuits, The Smashing Pumpkins, moe. and so many more.

Download Archivist Live Music

Flashcard Hero

Normally $3.99.

Make your own flash cards and take the pressure out of test preparation. Flashcard Hero keeps track of what
facts you already know so you can focus on what you don’t know and save a lot of time.

We made Flashcard Hero for those of you who want to fit more than a few words on each card. You can add images, lists, and use text formatting to structure your content.

Feature Highlights:

– Write cards on your iPhone/iPad

– Add images

– Group cards into topics

– Text formatting & lists

– Find and study only difficult cards

– iCloud Drive support (syncs with the Mac app)

Study Options:

– Memorizing cards by covering the answer

– Multiple Choice tests with randomly picked or predefined answers

For Teachers and Educators:

– Compatible with the Remote Control feature of the Mac app. You can use the iOS app as a remote to control the study mode on the Mac while you are projecting on a big screen.

People use the Flashcard Hero Mac & iOS apps to study many different subjects. Here’s a short list of the most popular subjects based on the over 2 million cards that users have shared among each other so far:

– Medicine (anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, genetics)
– Psychology
– Law & business administration (economics, marketing, international law)
– History and politics
– Languages (Latin, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Spanish, German)
– Social sciences
– Music and music theory
– Space physiology (how cool is that?)
– Many more…

You see a lot of subjects in the top ranks where people have to memorize a lot of “structured” information. That’s because Flashcard Hero is designed specifically to go beyond language learning, offering more room on each card for facts, lists, and images. You can also organize cards into topics (to match chapters of a text book, for example).

Download Flashcard Hero

Search Ace : Quick Web Search

Normally $0.99.

“Search Ace” is a WebSearch App that allows you to access your favorite site quickly.

1.Input search word
2.Choose from a number of “suggest word”
3.Select the favorite site

Download Search Ace : Quick Web Search

Data Cube : The 3D Minesweeper

Normally $0.99.

Sharpen your spacial awareness and logic skills with this immersive puzzle-solving challenge!

Use your powers of deduction and good sense of 3D space to isolate all the corrupt blocks in the Data Cube.

To win, you must pop open all the clean blocks and flag all the corrupt ones. If you pop a corrupt block, you lose. For each safe block that you pop, you will be given a number. This number tells you how many corrupt blocks are next to it. Use this information wisely!

– Simple minesweeper-style solving strategy
– Oldschool electronic look
– Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard
– Game Center support

Download Data Cube : The 3D Minesweeper

SIMO : Matlab programming app

Normally $9.99.

[+] SIMO is a Matlab programming environment targeting

– college students,
– instructors who want to do live demonstration in classes,
– people who want to run simple Matlab codes on iOS.

[+] Important note:

SIMO may not completely replace Matlab if you want to run codes with advanced features. To find out what SIMO can do, visit our website You may leave a question using the contact form therein, we will respond ASAP.

[+] Praises from our users:

“This is a great app if you have some results you want to carry around with you, especially to/from class or at a conference. It’s like having Matlab in your pocket, with almost a seamless transition between the two.”

“I was looking for a free app that I could use to brush up on my MatLAB, and this seemed to be an awesome option!”

“This shows real promise …”

“It is truly beautiful and full of potential.”

[+] What is SIMO?

SIMO is an app for numerical computation. We implement a version of Matlab compiler on iOS. SIMO allows you to create, edit, and run Matlab codes locally on iPhones, iPads and iPad Touches. There are 180+ built-in functions; check them out at

No internet connection is needed, as computation is performed entirely locally on device. You don’t miss a single app feature even if you are offline.

SIMO is now iPad Pro ready and supports multi-tasking. You can work side-by-side with other app using split screen, slide over, and picture-in-picture.

[+] What can I do with SIMO?

– type code quickly using the app’s custom keyboard;
– replace the custom keyboard with your own hardware keyboard;
– perform vector and matrix computation;
– generate 2D and 3D plots;
– zoom, pan, and rotate plots with multi-touch gestures;
– define variables;
– execute loops (for-loop, while-loop);
– use if-else, and switch statements;
– create scripts and user-defined functions.

In general, SIMO is useful for individuals who want to do scientific computation on mobile devices. It is specifically designed for
– college students studying numerical computation;
– teachers teaching numerical computation;
– professionals in the numerical computation fields;
– researchers and scientists who need to carry out numerical experiments, and to analyze numerical data.

[+] Features:

– SIMO adopts the same syntax as Matlab and Octave.
– Scripts created on SIMO runs on Matlab and Octave as well.
– Users can create, edit, and manage scripts.
– Users can store scripts on device locally, or on their iCloud Drives.
– Built-in script editor with auto indent, syntax highlight, and adjustable text size.
– Built-in plotting environment supporting multi-touch gesture for zoom, pan, and rotation.

Download SIMO : Matlab programming app

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