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Best Basting Cover for Melting Cheese

Best Basting Cover for Melting Cheese

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For many, there are few better sights to see in a kitchen or the grill than cheese melting. Watching it cascade down a burger or ooze out of a grilled cheese just screams excitement. Mouth-watering delicacies can be made that much better when you melt a piece of cheese on top or in the middle of them. But getting that fully melting look and texture can be difficult, as you can just leave it on the grill or stove and it could burn if you leave it too long. Picking up a basting cover can help solve your problem. This creates a dome of heat and steam that will quickly melt cheese on top of your sandwich or burger. You’ve probably seen someone utilize one of these if you’re a fan of cooking shows. A metal dome to melt cheese is such a simple yet wonderful invention. We’ve highlighted five of the best options out there to get you the melting you’ve been craving. Let’s take a look.

Melt with a dome

Best for an Even CookImage source: Jim Beam


Because of the design, the Jim Beam JB0181 9″ Burger Cover and Cheese Melting Dome is able to help you cook evenly. This has a 9″ diameter and is aluminum-free, so it will heat up quickly and help spread out steam and heat. This concentrates heat to cook evenly and the rolled edges will sit comfortably on any flat surface. There is a handle that you can grab onto that will make it easier to lift up and put down. This can be put down on top of vegetables to help them grill as well. You’ll get a better char and the smoky flavor will instill in your foods and the food will retain its flavor.

Key Features:

  • 9″ diameter
  • Aluminum-free
  • Concentrates heat to cook evenly
Jim Beam JB0181 9" Burger Cover and Cheese Melting Dome, Silver Price:$15.92 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Cover more patties

Largest in Diameter

You might as well cover as much area as you can when you’re making burgers with the Blackstone Signature Griddle Accessories 12-Inch Round Basting Cover. As is stated, this is 12″ in diameter, allowing you to fit about four hamburgers or multiple grilled cheese sandwiches underneath it. The handle is heat-resistant, so you won’t burn your hand when you pick it up and off your food. This will help quickly melt cheese, so you won’t have to wait for a long time. This will prevent grease from splattering. It is dishwasher-safe for easier cleaning.

Key Features:

  • 12″ in diameter
  • Heat-resistant handle
  • Dishwasher-safe
Blackstone Griddle Accessories - 12 Inch Round Basting Cover - Stainless Steel - Cheese Melting… Price:$21.38 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Get one that will last

Most Durable

For a durable dome, check out the House Again Heavy-Duty Cheese Melting Dome. This is about three times more durable than previous options and it is 2.5mm thick. This is stronger for longer use and a near perfect performance even if it is scraped, dropped, or bumped. This will warm evenly and keep food tasty. You can melt cheese, grill vegetables, steam them, or roast foods. There won’t be any splatter from grease and the handle is heat-resistant, so you won’t burn yourself. This is a perfect accessory to use each day when you’re cooking. This anti-smudge, polished, stainless steel looks great and will last a long time.

Key Features:

  • Stronger for longer use
  • Melt cheese, grill or steam vegetables, or roast foods
  • Minimizes splatter
Heavy-duty Cheese Melting Dome - 2.5mm Thick Stainless Steel Griddle Grill Accessories - Durabl… Price:$13.99 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Use it indoors or outdoors

Best for Outdoor Use

For a basting cover that will work on your outdoor grill or on your stove top, consider the Nordic Ware 365 Indoor/Outdoor Cheese Melting Dome. This will quickly melt cheeses on burgers, pizza, bruschetta, and more. This will reduce flare ups and will actually cook your food faster when you place it on top of the burners or the grates. It has a 9″ diameter and the handle is heat-resistant. The spun aluminum dome captures heat without overcooking the meat.

Key Features:

  • Quickly melt cheeses on burgers, pizza, bruschetta
  • Reduces flare ups and cook food faster
  • Spun aluminum dome
Nordic Ware 365 Indoor/Outdoor Cheese Melting Dome List Price:$16.00 Price:$14.41 ($14.41 / Count) You Save:$1.59 (10%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Cover two items at once

Best Two-Pack

With a two-pack of basting covers like the Cuisinart CMD-388 Melting Dome 2-Pack, you’ll be able to double up on your melting. This comes with two domes that measures 6″ in diameter each. This will concentrate the heat so that it cooks both of your items evenly. Each of them have a heat-resistant handle that won’t burn you when you pick it up. One will fit over a single hamburger patty, so you can cover up a sandwich or burger with each of them. It is made from durable stainless steel.

Key Features:

  • Two domes in pack that are 6″ in diameter each
  • Heat-resistant handle
  • One will fit over a single hamburger patty
Cuisinart CMD-388 Melting Dome, 6", 2-Pack Price:$24.99 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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