Anyone who spends a vast amount of time in the kitchen will tell you — there’s no shortage of helpful tools and utensils that can make a chef’s life easier. From electric mixers to a simple spatula, cooking is an art form that can be facilitated by a number of different convenient innovations. Perhaps the biggest innovation, however, has come courtesy of the can opener. For years, can openers were a bit clunky in nature, especially handheld ones that basically doubled as an intense forearm workout (for one arm). Luckily, the electric can opener was invented to take a little stress off of your joints — and the whole cooking process in general. But unlike some of the older, larger models — faulty magnetic holders and all — there have been some great advancements in can opening (hooray). Some of the newer iterations not only open your can in seconds, but they’re far safer, as they’re designed to get the lid off in one swift shot — a far cry from some of the rough around the edges handheld openers we’ve seen over the years. Those, simply put, can be an accident waiting to happen. So if you’re sick on nicking yourself on the can opener — or waiting six minutes for your electronic can opener from 1997 to finally remove that lid after its third run — don’t fret. There are some great electronic can openers on the web right now for cheap. Let’s look at some of the best.

Best Electric Can Opener for Bigger Cans

The Hamilton Beach 76388R Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener is a classic electric can opener without many bells and whistles, but it’s extremely effective, inexpensive, and, above all else, of the highest manufacturing quality. This can opener is extra tall, with dimensions of 9.7″ x 5.6″ x 5.4″, allowing you to fit any can big or small underneath the mechanism. It’s especially good for family cans and extra-large sized cans, however, as it’s tall enough to hold longer, wider, and generally more cumbersome cans without any issues. It’s also heavier than most electric can openers at 2.2 pounds. The device features Sure Cut technology that guarantees your can will open in the first shot, making it safe and relatively worry-free (obviously, still proceed with caution around the edges). The washable cutting unit is easily removable and dishwasher safe, which makes this can opener super easy to clean and maintain. It also has an automatic shutoff feature for increased safety. And as an added bonus, it also features a knife sharpener on the back if any of your knives are running a little dull.

Best Value Electric Can Opener

From a sheer value standpoint, the Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener is perhaps the best bang-for-your-buck electric can opener you’re going to find on the market today. It does everything well — just for the fraction of the price of some of its competitors. Featuring a precision Power Cut blade, this device ensures all of your cans are cut swiftly and soundly. The high-quality engineered motor system ensures this device is powerful and runs smoothly. It also operates with a single touch, making it super easy to cut open any standard cans quickly and efficiently. It’s built with a removable activation lever for fast cleanup, and the rest of the device just requires a simple wipe down, making this one of the more convenient — and inexpensive — options out there right now.

Best Handheld Electric Can Opener

Of course, some people still prefer a handheld can opener. They’re simple, quick, and don’t take up much space. But if your handheld can opener is giving you fits after years of prolonged use, you might want to opt for an electric handheld can opener, which is essentially the best of both worlds. This Electric Can Opener from Balywood would certainly be your best bet, as it’s designed for those with arthritis or hand pain and requires absolutely no “manual labor” whatsoever. Well, other than picking it up and putting it on the can, that is. It’s ergonomically designed and features easy, one-touch technology that’s still powerful enough to open any size can with ease. This can opener self adheres to virtually any can, and it even cuts around the side of the can to eliminate sharp edges and, in turn, creates a resealable lid you can use for the remainder of your prep time. For a handheld can opener, this thing certainly packs a punch — to say the least.