Hanging outside on your porch or patio is always fun, but when it starts to get dark out, you’re going to need some lighting to keep the party going — both literally and figuratively. Of course, there are several different types of patio lights you can use to quickly rectify the situation. Well, unless you enjoy sitting in the dark, alone and cold. Doesn’t sound like you? Yeah, we figured. So let’s take a look at some of the best patio lights for your outdoor haven, so you don’t have to sit in the dark, or worse yet, throw an outdoor party in the dark. Who would even show up to that?

Best Solar Lights

If you’re trying to save money on electricity, going solar is a great option — especially for something that’s already outside. The LITOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights is a great way to keep some extra money in your bank account and still provide great lighting to your outdoor setup. Available for single purchase or in a two or four-pack, these solar lights are equipped with high-power LED lights that provide a wide range of illumination, with each light reaching up to 200 square feet. They also come with three separate modes — medium light mode, dim light sensor mode, and sensor mode — so you have the option to choose what’s best for each given scenario. And with a 36-month long lifespan, these lights last two times longer than others, making them both powerful and eco-friendly.

Best String Lights

For those looking for something a bit more festive — and decorative — these Lemontec Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights with 15 Hanging Sockets are a great option. This light set features 15 clear 11-watt incandescent light bulbs on a 48-foot long industrial strand with a generous three feet of spacing between each bulb. They’re super easy to install and come with different lighting modes for an array of occasions. The lights even come with a full three-year warranty, essentially making this a totally risk-free purchase.

Best Patio Lights on a Budget

If you’re looking for something from a pure value standpoint, these 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs from Brightown should fit the bill perfectly. These lights are on a 25-foot long string and contain 25 clear G40 Bulbs that are end-to-end connectable, giving you plenty of play when it comes to installation. You can also opt to purchase these lights in 50 feet or 100 feet, but those lengths are typically reserved for large-scale areas. These patio lights come with a one-year quality guarantee, but it’s unlikely you’ll need to exercise it, based on how great — not to mention inexpensive — this set is.