Piggybacking off of what we wrote in our best reusable straws article, doing away with plastic has been a great change this year. Now, many grocery stores are promoting paper bags or charging you if you want to use plastic bags. But you can avoid having to pay each time by buying your own reusable grocery bags. Reusable grocery bags are stronger and more durable than regular plastic or paper bags and you’ll always have a bag when you need one. Keep any of these three we’ve highlighted for you in your house or your car to grab quickly when you go out to the store.

Best Collapsible Reusable Bag

Providing a large amount of space, the Earthwise Deluxe Collapsible Reusable Shopping Box come in a set of three. These box bags hold up to four gallons and measure 10″H x 14.5″W x 10″D. They can fold flat for simple storage and are made from heavy duty, non-woven polypropylene with recycled cardboard walls, giving it a rigid structure. They will help keep warm food warm and cold food cold and have over the shoulder straps as well as side handles, providing versatility with how you want to carry them. These can be used at the store, the beach or for a picnic.

Best Designs for Reusable Bags

With the opportunity to choose basic colors, bright colors, or animal designs, the BeeGreen Grocery Bags let you find the right bag for your style that you can also use as a nice tote. The animal ones have cats, dogs, penguins, hedgehogs, turtles and elephants on them. They can each hold up to 50 lbs, proving how durable and strong they are. They are lightweight and are made from nylon cloth, making them an ideal fabric that won’t rip. They have a one-year rip guarantee and are machine washable, so if something happens to leak inside the bag, just throw it in the washing machine.

Best Reusable Bag for Storing Bags

Rather than having to fold your reusable bags and keep them at the bottom of your shopping cart, taking up valuable space, get the BagPodz Reusable Bags and Storage System. The reusable bags can be stored in the small, slender carrying case, keeping them around for you but not in your way. These nylon fabric bags are durable and can hold up to 50 lbs. You get 10 in the pack and they have cutout handles for easy carrying. The case has a clip that can clamp onto a shopping cart, making it easy to bring it along. They are machine washable and environmentally green.