For those of you keen on checking out the re-release of Avengers: Endgame when it hits theaters in just a few days — when it will bring several minutes of surprises tacked on to the end of the movie, in a bid to potentially break Avatar’s box office record — we’ve got a fun treat for you. You don’t actually have to wait if you want to go ahead and get your fix now of some new Endgame-related content, because we’ve got you covered.

YouTuber Mr. Sunday Movies has posted a gloriously retro-looking 16-bit video game recreation of the Avengers’ final confrontation with Thanos from Endgame, which you can watch above. “16 Bit Scenes is back with a recreation of the Iron Man, Captain America, Thor final battle against Thanos,” reads the description.

The animation was done by 8-bit trailer and 16-bit scenes animator John Stratman, with the music courtesy of Kenny Mac.

This is definitely a fun recreation of the climactic scene in Marvel’s soon-to-be re-released epic, which is already within striking distance of ending Avatar’s long streak of box office supremacy. The latter, released almost a decade ago, has racked up almost $2.8 billion in ticket sales, while Endgame needed just two weekends to cross $2 billion after its $1 billion opening weekend. At the time of this writing, just $45 million or so separate the two movies, so we’ll see if Endgame can get over the finish line at last when it returns to theaters next weekend.