Facebook Messenger is one of the go-to chat platforms on mobile devices, with more than a billion people having it installed on their mobile devices.

But if you’re an iPhone owner, you might experience a weird keyboard bug while texting your friends and family. Facebook Messenger only lets you text a few words at a time, which can hinder conversations. What’s worse is that the app can freeze, which means you’d have to restart it to resume messaging.

The following video, posted on Twitter, shows the problem in action:

While this one is probably the best cry for help:

Not all iPhone users are impacted by the bug. Furthermore, closing and opening the app would not fix it. And this isn’t an iPhone keyboard bug either, as the keyboard works fine in other apps.

The good news is that Facebook already confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s looking into the issue, without explaining what might cause it.

Facebook often updates its mobile apps, Messenger included, so it’s likely that a fix will be out soon. Just be sure to check the App Store for updates, if your iPhone isn’t set to receive app automatically. Deleting and reinstalling the app right now would not fix it, as long as a fix isn’t in place.

The other good news is that Facebook just promised to make Messenger great again this year — read more about the incoming changes at this link.