Back during E3 2017, when Microsoft fully unveiled the Xbox One X, we were skeptical about how large of an audience it would find. That will remain a mystery until the console launches on November 7th, but Microsoft has to have been encouraged by the first wave of Xbox One X preorders in August. Thankfully, if you’re still on the fence about picking one up, you won’t have to bug a friend to take theirs for a spin, because Best Buy on Wednesday revealed that it will host Xbox One X demos in-store starting this weekend.

Beginning on Saturday, Best Buy will give curious consumers the opportunity to play with the Xbox One X and demo several 4K games on the new console, including Madden 18, Forza 7, FIFA 17, Minecraft, Final Fantasy XV, Super Lucky’s Tale and Rocket League. This will be the first of five Xbox One X demo weekends.

UPDATE: Turns out that Forza 7 will be the only 4K demo. Bummer.

40 Best Buy stores across 20 cities will participate in the demo events. You can check to see if your city is on the list right here. The first demo session will be on Saturday, September 23rd from 12 PM to 7 PM local time, with a second session set to follow on Sunday, September 24th from 11 AM to 6 PM local time.

If you just bought or plan on buying a 4K TV sometime soon, this is a great chance to see whether or not 4K gaming is a difference maker for you. On the other hand, if you’re already positive you’re going to buy an Xbox One X, Microsoft has finally opened preorders for the standard edition of the console.