Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the hour is finally upon us. After more than a year of leaks and rumors, Apple is finally about to take the wraps off its tenth-anniversary iPhone. Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his team changed the world back in 2007 when they unveiled the first iPhone. The device was a total reimagining of the mobile phone, and it quickly became apparent that this was the future. Well, it became apparent to most of us… industry leaders at the time like Nokia and BlackBerry refused to believe that they had been outclassed and overmatched, and they tried desperately to hold onto the past. Nokia’s mobile business has since been sold off and dissolved, and most people probably aren’t even aware that BlackBerry still exists.

With dust and debris in its wake and $350 billion in cumulative profits since the first iPhone was released, Apple is ready to turn the page and begin the next chapter. This year marks the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, and Apple will unveil three new iPhones to celebrate.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus represent huge upgrades over last year’s models, offering big performance improvements and exciting new features like wireless charging. Then there’s the iPhone X, a bold reimagining of the Apple smartphone that will set the bar for years to come. Also expected at today’s big Apple event at the new spaceship campus in Cupertino are two new Apple Watch Series 3 models, a new Apple TV 4K, and even a next-generation iPod touch.

What else does Apple have in store for us on Tuesday? Are there any surprises left following all of those leaks? Apple’s big iPhone X event is scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT. You can learn how to stream it live to any device in this post, and you’ll find our live coverage with automatic updates below.

That’s the show, folks! We have some serious waiting to do.

And we’ve got prices. $999 for 64GB. Preorder it on October 27th, and buy it on November 3rd.

Time for Jony Ive video.

Apple has developed AirPower, a new charging standard for its products.

Apple is working on its own charger, which will charge the iPhone X, Apple Watch, and the new AirPods case. 

Wireless: Qi wireless charging.

Battery life? iPhone X lasts 2 hours more than iPhone 7.

TrueDepth camera lets you take Portrait Mode selfies.

The rear camera has dual optical image stabilization. The iPhone 8 Plus doesn’t come with dual OIS.

iPhone X has a camera that’s even better than the iPhone 8 Plus. F2.4 apperture on the telephoto lens.

The Animoji demo is impressive.

Swipe down from the top to get the Control Center.

The iPhone X gets new gestures, including a back button. 

And demo fails. Well that’s not cool.

Craig Federighi is finally on stage to give us the first live look at the iPhone X.

And here come the Animoji.

Face ID replaces Touch ID for everything that needed authentication, including Apple Pay.

There’s a 1:1,000,000 chances for someone to unlock your iPhone X using Face ID.

Tough luck, Arya Stark, you won’t be able to use your faces to steal iPhones.

Face ID can’t be spoofed by masks.

The A11 Bionic neural engine is what makes it work.

Face ID recognizes your face when you set it up. It doesn’t matter if you change your hair, wear a hat, or wear glasses. This is above and beyond anything from the competition.

The AR image created is translated into a mathematical model, in real-time, and then compared to the saved face info.

Every time you look at the phone, the iPhone detects your face, even in the dark.

The notch contains an infrared camera, a flood illuminator, a front camera, and a dot projector. That’s the TrueDepth camera system.

Face ID it’s called, and it’s Apple’s sophisticated facial recognition system.

How do you unlock your phone with the iPhone X?

The side-button lets you invoke Siri.

Multitasking: Swipe up and pause to access your desired app.

Going to take a few days to get used to those tabs sticking out the top when opening an app.

Swipe up from the bottom to go home, no matter where you are.

There’s no more home button either.

Raise to wake iPhone, but also tap on the screen to wake.

Yes, it’s an OLED display, just as we expected.

5.8-inch display with 2436 x 1125 resolution.

It’s got a brand new Super Retina display.

Comes in space gray and silver.

“There has never been anything like it.”

Glass on the back and front, just like the iPhone 8. The frame is made of stainless steel though.

iPhone X – iPhone TEN. Oh noooo.

And there’s that notch at the top.

It’s exactly like the leaks said it would be. No hideous Touch ID on the back.

“The future of iPhone.”

Here comes the iPhone X.

I cheered by myself, while fully knowing what comes next.

One more thing.

Preorder starts September 15th, release date is September 20th. iOS 11 launches on September 19th.

Price starts at $699 for the iPhone 8, and $799 for the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 8 comes in 64GB and 256GB. 

Fast-charging also a feature to look forward to

Belkin and Mophie will deliver the first Qi chargers.

“This is a simple thing,” Schiller says. But Apple never did it before iPhone 8.

Using the Qi standard

And wireless charging!

Wireless: LTE Advanced and Bluetooth 5.0. 

wireless charging in the mix

Can’t wait for the Apple Glasses.

(And yes, I realize Pokemon Go is an AR game, but that’s an optional feature, not the main idea.)

Demo time for AR game.

AR looks so amazing on iPhone.

ARKit is incredible conceptually, but I just don’t see anyone playing AR games. Hope to be proven wrong — I’m sure developers will be working to take advantage of the feature.

ARKit is tightly tuned to the new hardware, Schiller says.

Augmented Reality: The iPhone 8 is the first iPhone created for AR.

1080p at 240 fps slow-motion recording also confirmed.

This looks amazing.

4K 60fps video recording was just confirmed.

1080p video at 240 frames per second

Real-time image and motion analysis to predict changes while recording.

“Highest-quality video capture ever in a smartphone,” Schiller says.

Damn, that’s impressive

It all happens in real time, as you take the photo. But you can also change the lighting effects after you take the photo.

Portrait Lightning uses machine learning to improve the lighting of the subject. 

Portrait Mode gets its own upgrade. Remember Portrait Lighting from the rumors? Apple just confirmed it.

Camera quality going to the next level (again!)

iPhone 8 Plus also gets new sensors, and optical image stabilization.

12-megapixel camera with an all-new sensor on iPhone 8.

Faster low-light autofocus, improved pixel processor, and hardware multiband noise reduction.

What Apple is able to do with its custom hardware every year is impressive

It also includes a new ISP.

Apple’s first GPU debuts with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Two performance cores that are 25% faster than A10, and four lower-performance cores that are 70% faster than A10.

A11 Bionic.. solid name

“The most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone.”

A11 Bionic follows A10 Fusion. It’s Apple’s bad-ass new chip.

Speakers are louder and have a deeper base.

True Tone is coming to the iPhone. 

New Retina HD display in each iPhone. 

Water and dust resistance. 

“Most durable glass in a smartphone.”

The colors are: silver, space gray, and a new gold hue. 

All new design, Phil Schiller explains, complete with front and back glass.

This iPhone 8 is not the iPhone 8 you were expecting today. In case you’re puzzled, then you probably missed all the recent leaks. The iPhone 8/Plus are the devices we used to call iPhone 7s/Plus.

Looks like we’re starting with the iPhone 8.

“We have huge iPhone news for you today!”

Phil Schiller is about to get things rolling

Recapping the iPhone’s various signature features, Tim Cook just mentioned Touch ID. Can’t wait to see how Apple explains the temporary death of the fingerprint sensor.

These are the droids we’ve been looking for!

Now it’s time for the main event — all things iPhone

New Apple TV available on September 22

It was me.

I’ve been informed my last update moved one of my coworkers to tears.

Jacob is crying in the corner now, he might not be updating for a while. 

Flower and Journey are two of the most beautiful, affecting games ever made. Sky looks to follow in its footsteps.

OK, thatgamecompany, Apple finally has my attention.

If you bought an iTunes movie in HD previously, you can upgrade to 4K for no charge

Apple angling to get tons of 4K content onto iTunes

4K UI, now THAT’S going to get me to dump Chromecast.

Yes, Eddy Cue is showing chest hair. It’s going to be a good day. 

Apple TV 4K in the house… better late than never

Apple’s embracing 4K, at long last. 

Prove me wrong, Apple! Prove me wrong

Odd to hear Apple — which has no idea what it’s doing in the TV space — talk about the history of TV

Let’s pray Apple has improved the horrid Siri remote from last year

Apple TV time!

For a device that’s supposed to double as a fashion accessory, the red dot on the LTE models is a boldly poor choice

So we know when new Apple products are supposed to launch.

Preorder starts on September 15th, launch set for September 22nd.

LTE Watch costs $399, while Apple Watch Series 1 drops to $249. It looks like Series 2 is being dropped.

Apple Watch Series 3 Wi-Fi: $329. 

One more important detail: “All-day battery life.”

Black ceramic Watch option also available.

Yes, that includes the Hermes partnership. 

You can expect new strap colors and brand new straps.

“Magic” again! I’m going to be wasted! 

Microphone tech: “darn close to magic.”

The Apple Watch works on a surfboard, I’m sold. 

It’s time for demo time, but it all works, apparently.

What if the call doesn’t go through?

“Magical,” drink! 

Apple Watch Series 3 is just as big as the Series 2, in spite of all the hardware needed to make cellular connectivity work.

There’s an eSIM that’s a fraction of the size of a nano-SIM.

The display itself is an antenna for LTE and UMTS.

Support for skiing and snowboarding apps. 

New Apple chip: W2: 50% more efficient and faster Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

New processor that’s faster than ever. That means Siri can talk now on the Watch.

Music streaming on Apple Watch will be huge for runners who need a wide selection of songs at their disposal

“The most advanced technology ever in a watch.”

Apple Watch Series 3: “You can stream 40 millions songs on your wrist.”

Apple Music built-in, you can stream right to your AirPods. 

red Digital Crown looks horrible.. but LTE is worth it

This is probably a great feature that it’ll get overlooked. 

It uses the same number you have on your phone.

“You can go for a run with just your Watch and still be connected.”

It’s got cellular connectivity and a red Digital Crown.

Aaaannnndddd….. it looks the same. 

Here’s the LTE Watch we saw in the leaked iOS 11 GM. 

“The next generation of Watch.”

watchOS 4 launches on September 19. That’s probably when iOS 11 launches.

Apple Watch will surface irregular rhythms and detect arrhythmia, and prevent strokes resulting from such conditions.

The watchOS interface has improved by leaps and bounds since first launching..

It’ll also detect heart rhythm. Again, this is pretty cool, as it can detect serious heart conditions.

Apple watch is going to tell you if it thinks your heart is being weird. 

Apple Watch will now tell when it detects an elevated heart rate.

Heart rate app will get you more information, including new heart data, including resting heart rate, and recovery. That’s pretty cool.

Apple Watch – the most used heart rate monitor in the world.

Here’s a recap of what’s coming in watchOS 4.

The future of Apple Watch is here.

Jeff Williams now to take the stage

Hey that was a neat little video. Makes ya feel good for those people who have their life in order. Now back to reality. 

These are the 27 people who wear their Apple Watch every day. Apple found all of them. 

And now: a video of satisfied Apple Watch customers

Apple Watch video: Emails customers send Apple.

Customer satisfaction is at 97%.

Wow, Tim Cook is really pshyched about it.

Apple Watch is the most popular watch on the planet. 

Apple Watch has surpassed Rolex, and it’s the number one watch in the world.

Apple still won’t give sales figures, but sales are up year over year by 50%

Apple Watch numbers: 50% growth last quarter compared to previous year. But no actual numbers.

Apple Watch LTE!

Apple Watch time

Let’s go to products!

I’m within driving distance of the new Chicago store, but I might just show up and have a coffee and not buy anything. You know, like a town square. 

October 20th, new flagship store opens in Chicago. Is that the iPhone X release date?

New York, Paris, and Milan are all getting new amitious Apple stores.

Apple Town Squares coming to the “top cities around the world.”

But Today at Apple is not exactly new. It’s been around for a while now.

Apple’s calling these workshops “Today at Apple”

Well, I almost nailed the video time time.

Apple is taking Home Depot’s “workshops” concept to tech, will teach you how to use your phone and take you on a sight-seeing expedition around the area. 

Surprise, Apple stores will still sell Apple products.

I always meet friends at the Apple store and don’t buy anything. 

Expect plazas and forums inside Apple’s town squares.

Apple is actually about communities, not selling stuff. That’s how it became the largest corporation in the world.

I don’t think “town squares” is going to catch on (thankfully)

My bad, 500 million people visit Apple town squares every year.

Apple doesn’t like calling its stores “stores,” but “town squares.” 

500 million people visit Apple stores every year.

I was wrong, Angela Ahrendts is here to talk stores.

There’s a old tradition in Silicon Valley of tech companies spending huge bucks on a new campus and then floundering afterwards.. perhaps Apple will break the trend

I feel like it’s video time.

Visitor center opens later this year, complete with ARKit area about the Park.

100% renewable energy powered, heavy on solar power. 

Apple Park is powered by 100% renewable energy, which is pretty cool.

Over 9,000 trees. Maybe that’s why the theater is under ground.

Tim is explaining why the spaceship campus is awesome and totally worth the king’s ransom that it cost. 

Is Tim Cook trying to sell us a theater now?

Apple is working with Hand in Hand on hurricane relief, Cook explains. You can donate via iTunes and the App Store.

Tim Cook addressing the hurricanes and relief efforts.

“Today and always we honor him.”

Tim Cook explaining Jobs’ roll in Apple’s new campus. “Steve’s passion lives on here at Apple Park” 

“Steve’s vision and passion live on here at Apple Park.”

You can feel it in Cook’s voice. Regardless of how many times he may have rehearsed the keynote this week.

Photo roll of Steve and the first iPhone. 

And yes, this is an emotional moment.

Tim Cook is on stage. 

Steve Jobs tribute to kick off the first event, obviously a special day with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. 

You know, not counting the songs and announcements.

Am excited to see some crazy ARKit demos (hopefully)

Steve Jobs is the first to speak inside the Steve Jobs Theater.

Here we go. Even though everything leaked, I’m so excited. 

So… for next year.

It’s so they can hold iPhone debuts even after the nuclear apocalypse, Chris. 

Can’t understand why the theater is under ground though.

All you need is love. 

Yup, the Apple Campus is great. We get that. But we want iPhones more than campus hands-on.

Jonathan S. Geller

We are starting!

Jonathan S. Geller

Apparently the monster A11 chip that we covered here is in all the new iPhones, not just the iPhone X

Speaking of Mac Minis, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 will both be more powerful than the current Mini.

No empty parking spot is like Apple Parking Spot.

Jonathan S. Geller

So JJ Abrams is in the audience. Star Wars ARKit anyone?

Jonathan S. Geller

I love what they’ve done with the concrete!

Rumor has it that next year’s event might actually be held in the parking lot

Jonathan S. Geller

To be honest, I’m kind of hoping for some more parking lot shots.

Five minutes in and we have our first Mac Mini mention.

I’m wondering how Apple is going to explain the fact that the expected Apple TV 4K is probably a more capable machine than the current (years-old) Mac Mini. Also, WHERE’S MY NEW MAC MINI??

the moment we’ve all been waiting for already happened over the weekend, but hopefully Apple still has a few surprises for us