If you’re anything like me, your Halloween costume “plans” probably involve a last-minute run through your closet and wondering if you really need colored contacts to be that guy from Twilight. But this year, you can be much simpler: Get a couple faintly phone-sized boxes, some fake smoke, and prepare to scare all your friends and the local fire department.

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The costume is the work of humble Facebook user Chris Kiley, who shared a video of his creation under the title “This Halloween I’m going as a fire hazard.” The outfit looks pretty simple: get a few cardboard boxes the size of a phone box, print a black Galaxy Note 7 wrapper for each, and attach them to a shirt. Then, rig a tube passing through some kind of slow-burning material and into the boxes, and you have the perfect way to really freak people out. Especially if you put a jacket over top and take the bus to your Halloween party.

Kiley posted a how-to guide to Imgur showing how the tubing works. He says the air can only flow through a few boxes, not through all of them as originally intended.

He also explains how it’s an easy couples’ costume: your significant other dresses up as a firefighter, and follows you around with an extinguisher all evening. There’s probably some scope for wandering around handing out fireproof boxes to anyone you see at the party with a Samsung phone, too.