A Google exec earlier this week trolled Android fans by posting an image that hinted Android N might be called “Nutella” when it launches this year. But it turns out Google can troll us even harder than that. The Android team released a new developer preview of Android N, which features a hilarious Android N name suggestion: Namey McNameface.

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Obviously, this won’t be the final name of Android N, which should get a dessert treatment. However, Google is just making fun of the Boatey McBoatface naming controversy. A few months ago, that name was the most popular choice for the name of a new polar ship. The internet went crazy for the name, but the UK’s brand new polar ship eventually got a much more boring name – the RSS Sir David Attenborough.

If you’re running Android N on a supported device, you’ll have to go to the Settings app, tap the Android version in the About section to obtain a picture showing the Android N logo. As Android Police explains, in order for the image above to come up, you’ll have to long-press the N logo.

Google has not reveled the final name of Android N, but the company said a few days ago that the name will be announced in the near future. The final version of Android N should be unveiled this summer, according to Google’s already announced Android N preview rollout.