When it comes to specs for the price, not many phones hold a candle to the recently released iPhone SE. In nearly every category, it’s just as powerful as the flagship iPhone 6s, making it a tempting offer for Apple fans who want to upgrade before the fall. But there’s at least one area where it doesn’t stack up.

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In its most recent round of testing, SquareTrade determined that the iPhone SE is less durable than the iPhone 6s and only slightly more durable than the iPhone 6s Plus. You can see some of the tests in this video:

Although the sleek size makes for a more grippable device, the iPhone SE lost to the iPhone 6s in nearly every other category, from a water test to corner drops to bendability. Obviously, if you’re looking for a phone that can weather a rugged lifestyle, the iPhone is never going to be your first choice, but the iPhone SE should be even closer to the bottom of your list.

“The iPhone 6s proved that thinner and bigger phones aren’t necessarily less durable than more compact phones like the iPhone SE,” said Aileen Abaya, director of communications at SquareTrade. “However, it’s important to remember that no phone is perfect. No matter the size and weight of a phone, accidental drops – especially on a sidewalk – can still cause its demise.”

Here’s an infographic with even more details: