Every once in a while, we’ll discuss the ongoing battle between Google Maps and Apple’s Maps app, but there’s an alternatively that many of you probably prefer. Waze is one of the best GPS apps on the market, and on Tuesday, it added a few familiar voices to its rolling selection of celebrity guests.

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First up we have New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, also know as “Gronk.” As this is a partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts, Gronk will not only tell you which way to turn or when you’ve reached your destination — he’ll also alert you to any nearby Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants, just in case you need a coffee to perk you back up.

Neil Patrick Harris will also be lending his voice to the app just in time for the debut of his new show Best Time Ever, but the real highlight here is Stephen Colbert. Colbert has been everywhere over the last month or so, hyping up his new show on CBS.

“For years, I navigated the roadways using a compass, a sextant and the guidance offered by the stars,” said Colbert in a press release. “But now I can just listen to my own dulcet tones instructing me on Waze.”

Colbert even filmed a goofy little preview video in case you’re wondering what it sounds like:

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