For most people, Bing hasn’t yet come close to supplanting Google as their search engine of choice. But Microsoft’s Bing team, to its credit, keeps on plugging away, slowly but surely refining and improving their search results over time.

Bing is also getting a bit better at harnessing some of that search whimsy that Google has seemingly perfected over the course of many years. In the most recent example, there’s an awesome easter egg the Bing team has hidden in its search results that you might want to check out and play.

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Here’s the scoop. If you mosey on over to and do a search for “Snake game,” a playable version of the iconic game Snake will appear as the top search result. From there, simply use the arrow keys to partake in what was at one time the best and most addicting mobile game on the planet. It won’t save your high score or anything, but for a quick gaming or procrastination fix, this should do just the trick.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Bing has surprised us with a game embedded within its search results. Earlier this summer, the Bing team added the ultimate procrastination game — Pong — to its results page. Simply search for “Pong” and you can start avoiding all of the real work you should be doing.