A few days ago, Jorg Sprave — who runs a popular YouTube channel you may have heard of — showed off a contraption that you might want to do your best to steer clear of. Sprave, who lives in Germany, somehow decided that it’d be a grand idea to attach four scalpels to a Frisbee, effectively creating a terrifying flying device in the process. Fittingly, he calls it the Scalpel Blade Frisbee.

Though it should go without saying, do not try this at home! Actually, now that I think about it, you probably don’t want to try this anywhere. But Sprave is a unique fellow — as you’ll see in the video below — and, well, he decided to proceed full steam ahead.

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Here’s how he put it all together.

Not surprisingly, perusing through Sprave’s YouTube channel yields all sorts of slingshots and other weapon-oriented devices. Not too worry, though, Sprave makes a point of noting that he has no intention of ever going commercial with any of his wild inventions.

And lest you think Sprave doesn’t have a sense of whimsy about his contraptions, then perhaps you should take a gander at this Oreo cookie pump gun he put together. A cool device, but what a tragic waste of cookies.