The popularity of shows like HBO’s OZ and Netflix’s Orange is the new Black underscores America’s fascination with prison life.

Speaking to that point, a recent post from The Marshall Project highlights an aspect of prison life that isn’t often discussed — the food prisoners eat. While some prisoners can receive certain amenities or special privileges for good behavior, the meals served, by and large, remain consistently uninspired.

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What’s more, The Marshall Project relays that a number of inmates at various prisons across the country have filed lawsuits alleging that the food portions they typically receive aren’t nearly sufficient to constitute a nutritional meal. This dynamic is further compounded when prisons, always on the look out to lower budget costs, outsource food production to third-party companies.

All that said, the photos below are extremely fascinating and provide a glimpse into the type of bare bones meals prisoners are served each and every single day. As the report notes, “these meals are recreations, and recreations only, based on the portions described by the food companies and corrections officials accused of skimping.”

Below is what dinner looks like at a prison in Alabama.

And here’s what dinner looks like at a prison in Georgia looks like.

Make sure to hit the source link below for even more non-appetizing photos.