Apple Maps isn’t the Google Maps rival some users would love it to be, but the company has certainly improved the service over the years. In fact, Apple Maps might soon compete against even better against Google Maps by launching on other mobile and PC platforms instead than being exclusive to iOS and OS X.

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Apple is apparently considering making Apple Maps accessible from the web. In such a scenario, Android and Windows users could use Apple Maps on their devices directly from a browser. Currently, the app works only on Apple devices running at least iOS 6 or OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

The iPhone maker is far from confirming the news, but Apple Insider reports the company is looking to hire a “Maps JavaScript Engineer” who would help Apple “make maps work seamlessly on the web.”

As the blog points out, Apple already uses a web URL for internal purposes, so the address doesn’t currently point to a browser version of Apple Maps.

Apple is also rumored to bring several other features to Apple Maps in the future, including support for public transportation, traffic information and better street view imagery.