Fans of Jurassic Park are understandably hesitant about the revival of the franchise later this year, but it’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement, especially now that we can see the renovated park for ourselves with Universal’s park cam.

This week, the studio behind Jurassic World launched a page featuring “live” webcams broadcasting from different locations within Jurassic World. Of course, there is no real Jurassic World and no one is actually lined up to see these attractions, but it’s an incredibly clever advertisement for the film.

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There are over a dozen cameras to view on the website, from the Hatchery where scientists are breeding the dinosaurs to the lobby of the Hilton hotel on Isla Nublar. Wait long enough on any one camera and the site will automatically cycle you through to the next one.

And yes, as you might have expected, the T-Rex Paddock is terrifyingly empty.

Watch the latest trailer for Jurassic World, which aired during the Super Bowl over the weekend, below: