We first started hearing rumblings about clothing designers creating bigger pockets for bigger smartphones last year, but now the release of the iPhone 6 Plus and the accompanying Bendgate fiasco may be getting them to take making bigger pockets more seriously than ever before.

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Uniqlo, a clothing company, told Quartz, “We are having conversations currently with the product development team regarding technology overall, and how our clothes can provide compatibility from a user perspective. Jean pockets is one of those conversations.”

Business Insider is reporting that many clothing companies are talking about making their pocket sizes bigger to accommodate that 5.5 inches of iPhone that some pockets just won’t fit. American Eagle, J. Crew, L.L. Bean, Lee Jeans, and Levi’s are all considering the expanded pockets for the recently released iPhone 6 Plus.

Usually when people buy jeans, they don’t really consider whether their phone will fit in the pockets to be an issue. Now, jean fashion shows will be overwhelmed with the latest iPhone 6 Plus adapted jeans that will work the runway in style and comfort for your iPhone 6 Plus to have the most room possible during the day. What matters most is your phone not breaking in your because Jean companies will face a backlash of which they will never hear the end of.

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