I’m the best player of Mario Kart in the world despite what all my lying friends say. My dream would be to play Mario Kart for real, but since heat-seeking turtle shells are only a dream, the next best thing is to use Oculus Rift to make that my reality.

In the video above, you can see what Oculus Rift was really made for. You can be instantly transported into the Mario Kart universe and be defeated by me. It’s still a work-in-progress, but seems well worth the effort.

Everything in the video is classic Mario Kart. It has the music, the sound effects, and my want to play it until I get yelled at to go outside and react to nature. This can’t come out soon enough, and I will be first in line to buy it.

If you want to see more videos of this, head on over to developer Wilsonator’s YouTube page for more.

Jeff Sorensen has loved technology since he got his first computer and cell phone the size of a brick at a young age. Since then he has gone to write about technology and many other subjects all over the internet. His earlier contributions have been to The Huffington Post, The UPROXX Network, MoviePilot, and various others. When he's not writing, he's thinking about writing, or puppies.