The flood gates have officially opened on iPhone 6 leaks… again. After one of the largest set of components we’ve seen so far made its way online last week, luxury retailer Feld & Volk has published several never-before-seen, high quality images of even more components from the unreleased smartphone. We’ve seen bits and pieces from all over the phone, but rarely with as much clarity as in these new photos.

iPhone 6 Front Panel

The first image (seen above) appears to show the inside of the front panel with several of the components peeled back for a better view. We can see the flex cables for the display, the front facing camera and the earpiece in great detail. Interestingly, the earpiece and the camera look to have retained their positioning from previous models, possibly disproving the rumor that the camera would be moved inside the speaker grille.

Other photos show off tapered edges on the end of the front panel, potentially signaling a slightly different design from Apple this time around.

iPhone 6 Tapered Edge

iPhone 6 Tapered Edge 1

We also get a very close look at the power button and the mute switch, which is also noticeably different from recent iPhone models. According to MacRumors, Feld & Volk says that the volume buttons will have a very similar look to the power button on display.

iPhone 6 Power Button

iPhone 6 Mute Switch

The very last photo shows off the SIM card tray, complete with a shiny silver finish.

iPhone 6 SIM Card