We’ve seen plenty of videos featuring awful FedEx deliveries over the years but we don’t think we’ve ever seen them put together in one horrifying package. Thankfully for us, YouTube user RSVLTS has decided to do the dirty work and make a video compilation of every single terrible FedEx delivery he could find on the Internet, including one delivery man who punts a box onto a house’s roof and another who just tosses a box containing a giant computer monitor over a fence.

To be clear, RSVLTS isn’t trying to make a FedEx-bashing video but is only trying to highlight the way some of its most negligent employees treat our packages.

“99.99% of the time FedEx does a great job but every now and then they get busted on camera not taking care of your deliveries,” RSVLTS writes.

In addition to the aforementioned box-punting and over-the-fence-monitor-tossing clips, you’ll also see amazing footage of a FedEx truck that is driving down the highway with a boxed oven stuck to its grill. The whole video shouldn’t be missed and you can check it out below.