Air travel is stressful enough when everything goes according to plan — now imagine being on a plane and having one of the aircraft’s engines burst into flames shortly after takeoff. That’s exactly what happened to an airliner full of passengers in Perth, Australia headed for Barrow Island earlier this week.

The West Australian reports that the Cobham Aviation plane had just taken off with 90 passengers when an engine on the left wing burst into flames. The image above was captured by a passer-by on the ground, but one passenger aboard the flight — Brad McCoy — actually used his smartphone to capture terrifying video footage from within the plane’s cabin.

Following the catastrophic engine failure, the plane reversed course and landed safely back at the Perth airport. No injuries were reported.

McCoy’s footage of the flaming engine is embedded below.

The report also notes that this was the second aircraft these 90 passengers had been on that day — the first was delayed due to technical problems.