We spend a lot of time looking forward here on BGR, but sometimes it’s fun to stop for a moment and look at the past to see how far we’ve come… and to laugh a little bit at how ridiculous some things look in hindsight.

Reddit user “MegaJoshX” has scoured the Internet and assembled a collection of 17 “ancient” advertisements for personal computers, PC peripherals and even some components. There are some absolute gems in there, such as a Commodore ad that features William Shatner pitching “the first honest-to-goodness full color computer you can buy for only $299.95.”

Another great find features a PC with a 10 megabyte hard drive that could have been purchased for just $3,495.

A few awesome ads follow below and the rest can be seen in the Imgur photo gallery linked down in the source section.

afd57VL - Imgur

S5xBUkK - Imgur

iNaGoVT - Imgur

TI8hWtQ - Imgur

GexGJX4 - Imgur