A market dominated by GameStop is about to see another huge entrant as Walmart is set to launch a used video game purchasing program next week across its nationwide network of 3,100 retail stores. The Wall Street Journal reports that Walmart will begin buying used games next week and will pay gamers anywhere from a few dollars to $35 or more for used titles. Payments will be made in the form of Walmart gift cards that can be used to purchase any products from Walmart stores or the company’s website.

Walmart’s move into the space that has traditionally been dominated by GameStop comes as sales of Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation video game consoles really get underway. Despite the surge in console hardware sales, however, new software sales are still lagging — likely thanks in part to the large market for buying and selling used games.

Where gamers are concerned, Walmart’s move could lead to increased competition for used game acquisition. This could mean more money and more promotions ultimately being made available to gamers as Walmart, GameStop and other retailers battle for business.