Samsung might finally put something other than bloatware on your next smartphone. According to 9to5Google, Samsung is planning to preload third-party apps on to devices sold at its retail locations based on the career, traits and hobbies of the buyer. A businessman might receive spreadsheet and finance applications, a teenager could get a Galaxy Note 4 tablet with several games installed and a runner can buy a Galaxy S5 smartphone preloaded with fitness apps.

9to5Google’s sources are unclear about the exact method that Samsung will employ to gather the pertinent data, but it’s safe to assume the sales representative will either ask a few relevant questions or simply request that the customer fill out a form.

The sources says that Samsung will not be paying many of third-party app developers directly, and instead the preloaded apps will be three month limited trials, requiring the user to pay full price for continued access once that time is up. There is no indication of when this program will start, but with a new lineup of devices on the way, it’s probably safe to expect some additional apps on your next Samsung device.