If you don’t like the thought of Sprint buying up T-Mobile then the last two days have brought some welcome news. Not only is Sprint reportedly rethinking its decision to buy T-Mobile but Reuters reports that T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom is also getting cold feet about selling off the “Uncarrier.” Essentially, unnamed sources are telling Reuters that Deutsche Telekom execs are nervous about U.S. regulatory agencies killing off the merger just as they killed off its last attempt to unload T-Mobile onto AT&T. Although Deutsche Telekom doesn’t think T-Mobile has much potential for long-term profitability, it’s apparently no longer as eager to get rid of its American subsidiary as it once was because T-Mobile has had so much success recently in adding customers faster than any other carrier in the U.S. For fans of T-Mobile who want to see it stay independent, this should come as a happy development.