Samsung hasn’t put very much effort into selling its previous Windows Phone smartphone models that have launched over the past few years, but the consumer electronics giant will continue to build and launch new Windows Phones in 2014. Gadget leaker @evleaks on Tuesday posted an image of what he claims to be a Windows Phone 8.1-powered Samsung phone with the model number SM-W750V and the code-name “Huron.” The phone looks just about as unexciting as Samsung’s previous Microsoft-powered smartphones, and it’s seemingly headed to Verizon Wireless.

Microsoft’s outspoken public relations boss Frank X. Shaw denied earlier reports that the company was tossing huge bags of cash around left and right in an effort to keep vendors in the Windows Phone ecosystem. While the dollar amounts originally reported were disputed, the notion that Microsoft has big cross-marketing plans for Windows Phone in 2014 was not denied, so it may be that the company made Samsung an offer it couldn’t refuse.

There are no pricing or release details available for Samsung’s new Huron for the time being, but the leaked photo follows below.