Bad news, Apple fans: it looks like the new flagship iPhone 5s is going to be beyond difficult to come by when it launches next Friday, September 20th. Wireless carriers in the U.S. have begun to post information pertaining to iPhone pre-sales and as expected, the iPhone 5c will become available for preorder at 12:00 a.m. PDT this Friday. Both Verizon Wireless and Sprint have confirmed midnight preorder availability, and AT&T and T-Mobile will undoubtedly soon follow. The bad news, of course, is that there’s still no word on iPhone 5s preorders.

We didn’t expect any word on the 5s, of course, because Apple would have announced preorder details during Tuesday’s press conference if it had any intention of making preorders available. The fact that Apple’s flagship iPhone won’t be available for preorder this year suggests earlier reports about supply constraints at launch may have been on point, and we should probably expect sellouts across the board when the iPhone 5s debuts next week.

Maybe those people lining up a week or even two weeks in advance aren’t as crazy as we thought.