After more than six years, it definitely feels like time for Apple to freshen up the look of iOS. Unfortunately, a new report suggests the revamped look iOS 7 is said to be getting may be “unsettling” to longtime iOS device users. 9to5Mac cites multiple unnamed sources in claiming that iOS 7 will indeed feature the “flat” user interface redesign that had been rumored in earlier reports. According to the site’s sources, however, the new look isn’t just flat — it’s “very, very flat” to the point that it is reminiscent of Microsoft’s Windows Phone user interface and current iOS users who enjoy the look of the software might not like it. “The interface loses all signs of gloss, shine, and skeumorphism seen across current and past versions of iOS,” one source told the site. While the look may be surprising, 9to5Mac says the new version of iOS will be just as easy to use as earlier versions of the platform.