Falling squarely in the don’t try this at home category, Google on Wednesday took to the sky to demonstrate its Project Glass digital eyewear prototypes. Google’s connected glasses — which may already have the company’s rivals scrambling to launch similar products — merge eyewear and a smart device with a small display just above the user’s field of vision to create a wearable computer. And what better way to show off the device’s capabilities than to film a stunt crew skydiving? To put a nice cherry on top of Google’s demo, all video footage for the stunt was recorded on Project Glass eyewear. “The higher fidelity footage was recorded locally on the device whereas the hangouts were live streamed at a much lower resolution because of the challenges of networking a skydiver inflight” Google co-founder Sergey Brin said while discussing the stunt during Google I/O 2012. Google’s Project Glass demo video follows below.