It’s doubtful that anyone will ever find a way to avoid looking ridiculous while capturing images with a 9.7-inch tablet in public, but those unafraid of how they are viewed by peers will be pleased to know that Apple has delivered on its promised of a much improved camera in the new iPad. The camera on Apple’s previous-generation iPad 2 was subpar at best, and now Vietnamese blog — the site that posted an unboxing video featuring Apple’s new iPad on Tuesday — has published the first set of photographs captured with the new iPad’s 5-megapixel camera to its forum. The images aren’t terribly impressive compared to dedicated digital cameras or even to class-leading camera phones like the iPhone 4S or Carl Zeiss-equipped Nokia handsets. The new iPad camera is clearly a step in the right direction compared to the awful optics on the iPad 2, however. A few more images follow below, along with a link to the full set.