Intel’s intention to enter the smartphone and tablet space with a bang has been widely reported, but the company recently showed off the first smartphones and tablets to utilize the its Medfield mobile processor and the results were said to be impressive. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Technology Review blog reports that it was able to test a number of reference devices Intel created to show off the capabilities of its upcoming chipsets. According to the site, one such device was a smartphone similar in size to the iPhone 4 but lighter. The phone ran Android Gingerbread and was capable of playing back Blu-ray quality video or streaming it to a television in full HD. Technology Review also says it tested a tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich that was more impressive than any Android tablet currently on the market. Intel is expected to have the reference devices on display at the Consumer Electronics Show next month and Medfield-powered devices will launch in the first half of 2012.

[Via Gizmodo]