We just parted ways with the FedEx delivery man and ripped open the box to find Samsung’s latest flagship device, the GALAXY S II. This time around, however, we have AT&T’s version of the phone as opposed to the European model, and there are actually some pretty big differences between the two. For starters, the European GALAXY S II was one of the best Android handset’s we’ve ever used, but there were some big annoyances, mostly on the software-side with TouchWiz. In the AT&T version, a lot of these issues have been fixed. The device uses the standard Android Gingerbread keyboard as opposed to a Samsung keyboard, which is a welcome change. The email app is infinitely more usable and enjoyable, especially with a Microsoft Exchange account, and the software on the device feels more cohesive. The default notification sounds are terrible, but if that’s the biggest annoyance with AT&T’s GALAXY S II so far, it’s looking pretty good. Stay tuned for our full review coming up soon, but in the meantime, you know where to find the pretty pictures.