We just tore into T-Mobile’s HTC Sensation 4G, and while we saw the device before its official debut a few months back, well, there’s just nothing like your own retail unit, is there? Everything about this handset exudes quality — the build is fantastic, it’s proportionally weighted, the materials all look like high-end finishes with brushed metal and glass, and the feel in your hand is perfect thanks to the phone’s tapered edges and soft-touch plastic on the back. There is one downside to the case on the HTC Sensation 4G, though: the power button isn’t optimally placed and it’s quite difficult to press, so it makes locking and unlocking the phone a bit difficult. The qHD display really shows off vivid and bright colors and text is crystal clear. It’s incredibly reflective, but that’s probably the only negative thing we could say about. The phone zipped through any task we threw at it in the couple hours we have been playing with it, and this is already one of our favorite Android handsets to date. Hit the break for the full photo gallery and stay tuned for the official review.