Google announced a service called Cloud Print last year that enables users to print wirelessly and remotely from within Gmail and Google Docs. Though the service hasn’t garnered much media attention, it shows a great deal of potential and it removes some of the barriers associated with wireless printing. On Monday, Google announced that it is making the Cloud Print service available on its HTML5-based Gmail and Google Docs mobile sites. Users of the iPhone, iPad, Android 2.1+ devices and other devices with browsers that support HTML5 will soon be able to access the service from anywhere there is a data connection. Unlike Apple’s wireless AirPrint solution, Google’s Cloud Print does not require devices to be on the same network in order to utilize the service. It also doesn’t require a special printer like AirPrint, though a Windows PC is required to configure the service. Cloud Print for mobile will be rolled out to users in the U.S. this week as a beta service.