We scored some hands-on time with the brand new Motorola ATRIX 4G for AT&T earlier, and it’s definitely impressive. Running a 1GHz Tegra dual core processor, the ATRIX 4G is a perfect example of how the superphone class has really evolved since the introduction of the Google Nexus One just a year ago. It’s hard to beat the ATRIX 4G in the specifications department with a huge 1,930mAh battery, gorgeous 960 x 540 qHD display, and all the requisite HD video features. One of the most impressive things that we got to demo was the HDMI video out capabilities that turn the ATRIX, when coupled with your HDTV, into a real media center. Plug in your HDMI cable, turn on the TV, and the ATRIX 4G display morphs immediately into a remote control to access a Front Row-esque interface on your big screen. Pretty cool stuff. Gaming was also impressive, with no noticeable frame rate or performance issues, even under heavy processor load. NVIDIA has done an incredible job of optimizing this thing for gaming and graphics work. We’re fired up about the ATRIX 4G, but even after our rather lengthy demo with the handset, it was still cool to the touch — very impressive. Our video is uploading, so sit tight for just a couple minutes, alright?