According to a report from ZDNet’s All About Microsoft blog, the first major update (codenamed Mango) to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform isn’t due until August or September of next year. A second major update (codenamed Apollo) is said to be due a year later, toward the end of 2012. This contradicts earlier reports, though it does jibe with rumors from last week suggesting Microsoft’s initial WP7 update in January would not be as major as was once believed. While All About Microsoft’s source claims this will be WP7’s first major update, the only functionality mentioned by the anonymous tipster is the addition of a Silverlight plug-in and HTML5 support in Internet Explorer. Meanwhile, an update supposedly due in February may bring a multitasking solution for third-party apps, enhanced developer controls, in-app downloads and more customization options. That sounds slightly more “major” to us.