Today, RIM announced that its new BlackBerry Push Service is available to developers for their coding pleasure. The new service: “enables developers to easily develop Java applications or BlackBerry Widgets that leverage RIM’s push technology either through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (for enterprises) or BlackBerry Internet Service infrastructure (for consumers), so that content providers can reliably push images, text, or audio content to millions of BlackBerry devices at once… with the BlackBerry Push Service, full content (up to an industry-leading 8KB in size) is pushed to the device and made immediately available for use.” The article goes onto explain some of the differences between RIM’s new push service and those of competitors — *cough* Apple *cough* — as well as the different tiers of service that will be offered to developers (yes, there is a free option). All you Java wizards can head over to to get more in-depth technical information, otherwise we have the press release all linked up for you.