No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you… we’ve just rolled out a brand new redesign of BGR! There are so many amazing things we’re proud of and it just felt time that we freshened up the site. We’ve dramatically improved comments and you can vote them up or down (lowest voted comment will be hidden with an option to view them) and we’ve streamlined how posts are displayed. But that’s not it. Check out our color-coded badges for important categories like breaking news or featured posts to help you keep track of them, an improved and redesigned gallery is coming ASAP, plus we’re also introducing a brand new feature called BGR Whispers. Think of this as Twitter for BGR. You won’t find us telling you anything personal, but what it will enable us to do is post information we’re hearing that’s not confirmed. Basically its place is between something we’d tweet and something we’d post — not confirmed enough to warrant a real post, but definitely intriguing enough to share. Expect a whole heap of those.

We’re also taking this opportunity to re-brand the site as BGR. That’s how we’re referred to 99% of the time, will enable us to expand on our content while always kicking ass in the mobile/gadget space, and hey, it’s just easier to say.

Special thanks to our guys at Out:think web design and development. They put up with our crazy requests, took abuse daily, and did an awesome job.

Feedback is of course welcome in the comments. Enjoy!