We’ve been sitting on the Shules for a few months now but since renders/details and a live pic of the upcoming Moto have already been leaked, our ninja gave us the green light. Behold… Shules (no, of course that won’t be the launch name). As for additional details, first and foremost we’re told that this handset is not the Calgary we scooped exclusively last year. It’s a different handset entirely and the Calgary is still in development from what we understand. It’s also not a QWERTY retooling of the Flash, which some have speculated. Our guess is the Flash will still drop on Verizon sometime next year, just as the myTouch 3G is a full touchscreen follow up to the QWERTY-sporting G1; that’s just speculation, however. Also bear in mind that these pictures — including the one leaked yesterday — are old. This handset is a prototype and we’re hoping it has been refined a bit since these shots were taken. Of course, we’d be plenty happy to take this sexy 3.7-inch touchscreen-rocking Android phone as-is but we’d love to see the production model come a tiny bit closer to the renders. Hit the jump for a bigger version of the image above along with a couple more shots.