Who doesn’t love a little bit of Skype action? If you’re a Mac user, though, Skype 2.8 Gold adds (or improves on if you were using a beta version) some awesome features like screen sharing (you can even share just a part of your screen for privacy reasons), Skype Access, and improved audio and video support. Skype Access is a way to pay for Wi-Fi hotspot access using your Skype account balance which can simplify things for those on the move we guess. Here’s a couple more updated features:

  • Improved chat management (sort chats, set priorities)
  • Quick add (self explanatory but let’s you add new people to chats)
  • Mood message chat (“it’s a bit like Twitter”)
  • Support for large profile pictures
  • Hidden avatars in incoming contact requests
  • Add notes to contacts

Skype 2.8 Gold is available for download immediately from Skype’s website.