Now before you get too excited about this, Sprint subscribers, know that we have to throw some annoying words/phrases at it first. Rumor, possible, unconfirmed, skeptical, grain of salt and so on. Right then… According to, Sprint finally has Android positioned squarely in its sights. First up, the company is allegedly in the midst of testing the HTC Hero with a planned release toward the end of this year. While we haven’t yet heard any rumblings of a CDMA version in the works, it’s certainly feasible and tough to completely count out. Secondly, the blog reports that Sprint is currently testing an Android-powered handset from Samsung as well — the key here being this little guy reportedly sports WiMAX and CDMA. Could this secret Sammy be the tri-mode WiMAX/WiFi/CDMA handset we heard about earlier this month? We sure hope so.