So maybe the uniquely styled Motorola Clutch i465 wasn’t exactly your bag, and a QWERTY keypad doesn’t interest you much. You’re a simple guy or gal and you just want a basic handset that is compact, can play a song or two, snap the occasional outdoor photo and of course allow you to walkie talkie with the rest of your Boost Mobile-bearing friends. Ta da! Say hello to the Motorola i856, a handset that sports pretty dated fare where major carriers are concerned but as far as Boost goes, it might not be half bad. It doesn’t have the (relative) glitz of the i9 but its compact size, 2.2-inch display, sliding 0-9 keypad, 1.3 megapixel camera, dedicated media key, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD support and of course PTT support make it a definite contender on Boost. Anyone digging it? Hit the jump for some more angles.

Thanks, Captain Donovan McAhab!