If any of you have ever given the Xobni plug-in for Outlook a try you’ll be excited, nay elated, to learn that a screen shot of Xobni’s upcoming BlackBerry app has just surfaced. It’s been almost a year since we last covered the creative and infinitely-useful Xobni offering, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped loving it. Long story short, it makes Outlook awesome. The search functionality alone makes the plug-in a must have and the added social network integration, analytics and other features put it over the top. The company’s BlackBerry offering, now only about a month into development, will be its first jaunt into the mobile game. Little is known about the app for the time being but the screen shot above shows the contact search function quite clearly, suggesting Xobni is trying to do for BlackBerry searches what it has already done for Outlook searches — rock them, hard. We’ll be keeping our eye on this one as we really can’t wait for it to drop. Anyone else as excited as we are?