Another day, another round of layoffs at Motorola. It’s not clear if this is part of the general 4,000 job losses promised a little while ago, or if this is above and beyond the fray, though it’s not a good thing regardless of how you look at it. While it’s easy to pass off any layoff announcement these days as being entirely due to the economic mess we’re in, it’s not as easy to forget that things have been going South over at Moto long before the subprime crisis was a blip on the map. The latest bad news is that the company is laying off 77 employees at its Plantation facility in Florida. The folks have been working solely on Windows Mobile development, lending yet more credence to the rumor that they’re toying with the idea of abandoning Redmond’s finest in the interest of further Android development. Then again, it could just be another sign of Moto’s impending doom. We suppose anythings possible at this point, but for the sake of the 3 folks left working there, we hope they have some serious tricks up their sleeves for the coming fiscal year. Any guesses? Yeah, we don’t have any either.