If you’re like us and you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the Dev-Team to release the fruits of its labor with regards to an iPhone 3G unlock, you’ll be interested to know that Dev-Team member MuscleNerd has a treat in store for you today. He will be using Qik (on a Gen1 iPhone) to stream the first live presentation of an iPhone 3G being software-unlocked by the Dev-Team’s upcoming unlocking application, yellowsn0w. Woo! The actual live demo will take place at 3:00PM EST and the Qik URL will be announced by MuscleNerd via his Twitter account just as the demo starts. So, iPhone 3G junkies – pop some popcorn, heat up some cocoa, follow MuscleNerd on Twitter and get ready for some live unlocking goodness.

[Via iPhoneAlley]