Despite being significantly more expensive, Apple’s iPhone 3G is constantly gaining ground on the Motorola RAZR’s top sales position in the US. It has tons more features, more functionality and completely trumps the RAZR in terms of wow-factor. One thing the iPhone won’t do however, is save your life. Ronald “R.J.” Richard was doing yard work on his 5-acre property in St. Tammany, Louisiana when something struck him in the chest right above his heart. Richard described the impact as “a punch in the chest,” and initially thought some debris had been kicked up by his lawn mower. When the 68-year-old reached under his sweater and removed the cell phone clipped to his overalls to see if it had been damaged by the impact, a single .45 caliber bullet dropped into his lap. According to the report, someone had fired the round from woods roughly 1/4-mile from Richard’s home, without malicious intent, and inadvertently struck the man in the chest. The cellphone and case, which Richard doesn’t ordinarily clip to the front of his overalls, took 100% of the damage from the bullet and the man walked away without a scratch. Sure an iPhone might keep you entertained for hours, but a RAZR will take a bullet for you. Hit the read link of a video report.


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