First off, we have to say that we’re pretty impressed that Apple even let this application through to the App Store. Whatever the case may be, rejoice iPhone owners as you can finally [sort of] have some MMS love on your handsets without the need to jailbreak. Flutter doesn’t really provide “MMS” as video and audio messages are not supported and the app isn’t yet capable of receiving messages. Instead, it allows users to send image messages to any phonebook contact and even geotag the photos if they so choose. Users may choose an existing photo within the iPhone’s camera roll or snap a new pic right from within the app. Geolocation data can then be added and the picture will be whisked away to any recipient in the user’s phonebook. So there you have it folks, at least it’s a start. Oh and by the way, Flutter is completely free. Woo! Maybe some day Apple will get around to adding this amazingly sophisticated functionality itself so developers can stop messing around with these makeshift band aids and stick to the good stuff. Until then, Flutter is already available from the app store so head on over and give it a go.