Without Colorware we’d be drowning in a sea of boring and dull run-of-the-mill devices. Yeah, we said it! Always one to let you express your inner creativity, Colorware has finally added the BlackBerry Bold to its arsenal of devices, computers, and gadgets. Never one to pass on the opportunity, we’ve got on Bold on the way and we’ll be sure to give you a first look at it when we get it. The only problem? Well, the BlackBerry Bold as you all know isn’t quite available in the USA yet, so the only ones that are using Bolds in the country (for the most part) are people that have unlocked Rogers units. While that’s fine, Colorware currently doesn’t ship to Canada. That leaves you legit Canadians in the dust for now. But look on the bright side, you have Rogers as a best friend. Just don’t let us catch you with our patented BGR color combo, ok?